Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Would you take a pay cut for a better boss?

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) has just published the results of a survey (all together now…..groan) of 3,000 UK adults which reveals that one in every two workers would be prepared to take a pay cut if that meant they could work with a better manager.

The report also claims that UK firms invest less in their managers than their competitors, and that this needs to be addressed by both the Government and employers if the skills gap is to be reduced.

Worryingly, a large proportion of UK bosses describe themselves as "accidental managers", with no training and no ambition to manage people at all.

The CMI is launching its Manifesto for a Better Managed Britain and demanding that urgent action is taken to transform management and leadership performance. The report poses the following challenge:

"In what other profession would it be acceptable for only a quarter of practitioners to hold a professional qualification? The sad truth is that UK managers are no longer regarded as professional, competent or accountable."

Daily Telegraph: Half of workers have resigned because of bad management

CMI: Better Managed Britain campaign launched to bring about skills transformation
  • Would you be prepared to work for less for a better boss?
  • If you're from outside the UK, what's your experience of leadership development in your country?
  • Is management something that can be taught?
  • Does it matter if managers don't actually hold a professional qualification?


  1. Very timely post. I've been warning them all along. If only the British government had read my blog. ;-)

  2. Interesting reading. A lot of the Managers that I've come across in various Industries have worked their way through the ranks by being great at what they do (technically), but haven't ever had the support, or indeed sometimes the inclination to understand how to manage!

    I think that Management techniques can be taught, but the person needs to have the Emotional Intelligence and committment to want to learn them.

  3. Further to this item being posted, CMI have formally launched the Better Managed Britain campaign.

    Link has been added above

  4. Thanks for the blog Graham. Have you signed the management manifesto?

  5. Adi:

    No problem and thanks for your comment

    Yes, added my name to your growing list

    Good luck

  6. Super, thanks Graham. It was great to see so much coverage of the event on Tuesday.