Friday, 27 November 2009

Chicken Madras, Special Rice and a good manager please.

It’s Friday; it’s been a long week; it’s an “according to a survey” item, so … all together now, after three 1,2,3… GROAN

Right. Down to business

According to a survey of 22,000 staff in 18 countries only 50% of UK employees rate their managers as effective

The results of the survey conducted by the Kenexa Research Institute (KRI) reveal something that simply no-one could possibly have expected. Ever. Apparently (so don’t faint when you read this) being a "good manager" has a significant impact on the engagement levels of staff and their overall perception of the company. Earth shattering.

It seems that employees in the UK define a good manager as someone who keeps his or her commitments, evaluates employees' performance fairly, makes use of employees ideas, quickly solves problems and practices open, two-way communication. We wouldn’t have expected any of that would we?

Based on the results of the survey, KRI said: "Effective managers are respectful, considerate and fair, as well as good organisers who can clearly communicate work expectations and provide feedback.” Astonished? Me too.

So, the only decision to me made is where to go for the best managers.

The scores on the doors reveal that employees in India (68%) reported the highest ratings of managerial effectiveness, followed by Brazil (61%), the United States (60%), Russia and the Gulf countries (57%), Canada (56%), China (53%), Germany (51%), the UK coming eighth with (50%).

Countries to avoid are France (41%) whose workers reported the lowest ratings, with Japan (43%), Italy (44%) and Spain (46%) only slightly ahead.
Chicken Madras anyone?

  • Any suggestions why India scores so well, and France so poorly?


  1. You are in a sarcastic mood today Mr Salisbury.

    I would guess that the cultural and economic differences between the countries go a long way to explaining the scores. But as the furthest I have been in a long time is Birmingham I am not in a position to make any other suggestions!

    I wish the Editorial team a restful weekend, free from bullies and surveys. And you can forget the Madras; give me a homemade Butter Chicken any day!


  2. EBTG:

    I do wonder if the recent negative publicity about France Telecom is linked to poor management perception. A bit of a chicken tikka and egg situation I guess!