Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Phwoarr! Nice legs; shame about the policies

(Editor's Note: Picture removed in the interest of public decency)

Partly in response to the launch of the Farmers Weekly Britain’s Sexiest Farmer Competition, Personnel Today has invited members of the HR profession to unfasten a few buttons, slip into something seductive and nominate colleagues for the Sexiest HR Professional Award.

Do you work with someone in your HR team that is drop dead gorgeous? Is there a real fit lad or lass in your department that you think could be the best HR has to offer?

If so, then enter them into the nationwide search to find the best looking HR men and women. Email us with a pic attached and a panel of judges will vote on the sexiest male and female. The winners will be featured in a future issue of Personnel Today magazine.
Update!! Although the entries for HR Hunks and Top Totty were initially rather thin on the ground, there's been a sudden pre-Christmas rush and the 14 finalists are now up on the Personnel Today website for us all to drool over. So, dim the lights, load the Barry White album into the player and cast your eyes over this foxy bunch. And then, having cooled off, you can add to the comments below!
  • Further research activity. Visit the Farmers Weekly Site; do you agree that in Entry No. 38, Bertha is better looking than Nuffy? (Hint: Bertha is the tractor)
  • Serious (and loaded) question: Is the Personnel Today competition all harmless fun or does it risk portraying HR in an unprofessional light?


  1. Its official, Personnel Today has just confirmed its position as the Tabloid of choice for the HR profession.

    Whilst I’m sure this is intended to be a bit of fun, it does sit uncomfortably for a profession that champions respect for others, fair treatment in the workplace and dignity at work to be encouraging a competition based on sexual desire.

    So I’m a married woman and nominate the guy down the office who I secretly think is drop dead gorgeous – explain that one away to my hubby, his wife – who knows where my declaration may lead?

    Life can be complicated enough at work with normal office politics without putting desire formally into the mix!!


  2. I remember a soap actor accepting an award for sexiest male - and maybe rather ungraciously- commenting that he would try for best actor next year.

    We may not like it but being recognised for how we look is less acceptable than it was when I was a lass. And for me it works both ways - for both men and women. And I think I approve.

  3. Personnel Today's Guru here. Can everyone please lighten up, the competition is just a bit of fun. No wonder HR has got a reputation as the fun police.
    The back page of Personnel Today is meant to be a light-hearted read and help makes the magazine enjoyable. Nothing more, nothing less. Stop hand-wringing about this.
    That is all

  4. I wonder how many grievances have been sparked by one person’s fun being another ones offence. I get that the magazine needs to have fun but Graham has raised, in my opinion anyway, a valid point and he has just put it out there for discussion. No hand wringing – just points of view. That is all


  5. Thanks to all of you for your contribution!

    It's been good to spark off a debate on this issue, even if some strong opinions have been expressed by both sides!

  6. Can I pitch in? Britain's Sexiest Farmer competition has already attracted more than 200 entries (from both men and women before anyone asks) and lots of positive publicity for farming.

    And to date...just one complaint.

  7. Isabel:

    Thanks for pitching in!

    I suspect that the farming community generally gets a higher clap count than the HR profession, and the healthy lifestyle probably leads to a much more attractive bunch of individuals compared to those of us that are confined to the office!

    You'll have to let us know who wins the prize, and we'll see if the HR world can offer any competition!

  8. Christ on a bike. Im with Guru on this one. Can everyone loosen their suspender belts please! It's like stepping back into Victorian times - no wonder the professions up its own backside. This competition is just what it needs.

    Having said that and having eyed the latest submissions i find it hard to understand why HR is called the Cinderella profession when it's clear from these pics that it's well and truly staffed by the ugly sisters.

    Suffice to say, only a smile has been raised so far...