Monday, 20 December 2010

First Century HR Officer reveals his reading list for next year.

Dear Diary: It’s been a busy weekend, especially as the New Year is fast approaching.

Not had time to do much other than put in an order for a few scrolls to read over the coming year. I heard from a friend that there’s a new supplier that’s gaining in popularity. The business is calling itself Jordan. Seems odd to me to name yourself after a river. Can’t see it catching on to be honest, but who am I to question these things?

Anyway, here’s my list of ten books to read over the next month or so:
  • Who Moved My Unleavened Bread by Stephen (son of Jonah) and Kenneth of Bethany
  • Essentials of Roman Employment Law By Claudius Lewis and Malcolm the Centurion.
  • Teach your Child Integrity by Simon Iscariot
  • The Holy Roman Business Partner (HRBP) model by Darius Elrich
  • The Caesar Delusion by Ricardus Dawkinus
  • The Very Rough Guide to Social Media: Using Parchment to Extend your Brand
  • Maximising your Camel Fleet: An Employer’s Guide to the new P11D by Matthew of Nazareth
  • Increasing Employee Engagement through Health and Wellness by Doctor Luke.
  • From Tragedy to Triumph: the Story of the Cana of Galilee vineyards
  • Visualising Business Success by Habakkuk, Zechariah and Hosea 
Have I missed any obvious ones that I need to read, I wonder?

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