Friday, 4 September 2009

Yet another organisation withholds bonus payments

Although the scenario may be very contemporary, the Dilbert cartoon strip is actually from August 1998, which may give slight comfort to those employees whose organisations will be refraining from paying out bonuses for 2009 performance! As ever, behind the humour of the Dilbert cartoon, there are serious issues raised:

  • The strip hints that bonuses are paid out every year, and employees have assumed that they are a certainty. If this is the case, does the bonus lose its motivational impact?
  • Many organisations pay employee bonuses based partly on company performance, and partly on the employee's perormance. What happens where the employee has worked hard to succeed, but the company hasn't hit its financial targets?
  • When times are financially tight, what else can a company do to motivate its employees to perform?
  • Any suggestions on how Dilbert's boss could improve his motivational and communication skills?

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