Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Book your party now and beat the Christmas rush!

It's interesting to read that apparently most companies are planning to go ahead with a Christmas party this year despite financial pressures caused by the recession. 24 per cent of 1,100 HR professionals polled by the CIPD said they would be putting on an office party on a bigger scale than last year, while 34 per cent said they still planned an event, but it would be smaller than in 2008. Only 20 per cent of employers (presumably including Scrooge!) said they would be cancelling this year’s Christmas party altogether. The results are said to show that employers are anxious to reward staff who had experienced a difficult year. According to the CIPD's Reward Advisor, “Employers recognise that 2009 has been a tough year for their workers in terms of pay freezes and job cuts. They’re using the Christmas party, albeit on a reduced scale, to thank them for helping them through the past 12 months and believe that the future looks brighter.”

Firms continue to plan Christmas parties, says CIPD

  • Do you believe that employees will regard a Christmas party an acceptable alternative to an annual pay award?
  • In view of the opportunity for excessive behaviour at Christmas parties, many organisations have put a halt to such events. Is this being a bit miserable, or a wise precaution?
  • What other non-financial mechanisms can companies use to reward staff?
  • One for the HR professionals: are you in favour of Christmas parties?


  1. Mixed one this. Always good to socialise with ones colleagues however I have attended too many disciplinary hearings on the back of high jinks and down right bad behaviour as a result of alcohol consumption (other peoples not mine I hasten to add).
    What do you do when the organisation provides drinks but then is ‘brought into disrepute’ by drunken colleagues.
    Do you give everyone a ‘talking to’ before the event? Do you get colleagues to sign a disclaimer prior to the first round?
    But then again, it does mean that life ain’t dull in the HR department between Christmas and New Year!

  2. We are going to the Dogs in Shelbourne Park. Should be a good night, Have been several times before with Family and Friends and had a great night.

    It is different packages that you can go for, I was on the website yesterday and enquired about what packages and recieved their Christmas Pack today, Very Impressive.