Saturday, 26 September 2009

To tip or not to tip?

The hospitality industry is claiming that new rules on tipping waiting staff could cost restaurants £130 million and as many as 5,000 jobs. The new rules which come into force on 1 October will make it illegal for tips to be used to make up staff wages, often to the national minimum.

Restaurants will have to pay salaries in full, which will also attract national insurance on the whole amount. Restaurant customers seem to be particularly confused, and are not now sure where any tips will be going in future.

New tip rules 'could cost jobs'
  • Do you believe that it’s valid for restaurants to pay staff below the minimum wage, but then use tips to make up the difference?
  • What can be done about what the article refers to as “rogue operators”
  • Do you believe that customers will now change how much they leave as a tip in a restaurant?

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