Friday, 25 September 2009

Sven gets red card for fouling up on induction

Sven-Goran Eriksson this week revealed that in addition to not doing a particularly good job with the England football team, his HR skills are severely lacking! After recruiting ex-England defender Sol Campbell on a five-year deal last month, the ex-England manager expressed his “disappointment” when Campbell left Notts County this week after just one match.

Come on Sven! If you’d been reading HR Case Studies over the last few weeks, you’d know that the danger period for new recruits leaving a new job is the first few weeks. Your comment of
“I really don't know the real reason” clearly indicates that you need to implement a decent exit interview process at Notts County. And as for, “He didn't like the training pitch and the dressing room and things like that but he knew that before because we showed him around before he signed” – what sort of induction programme is that! If a commercial organisation had just recruited a new employee on a reported £40,000 per week, you could guarantee that the onboarding process would be a bit more sophisticated than a swift trip round the office block! You need some HR support Sven. Give me a call.

  • Just because a new employee happens to be a highly-paid footballer, should they receive a different induction programme to others at a more junior level joining the club?


  1. I absolutely agree that any employer should pay attention to the needs of a new recruit, whatever the size of their pay packet (see my comments to your Sunday 20th case study) and have feedback mechanisms in place to see if they are falling short in any way.

    However, in this instance, I do think the duties and responsibilities of a new employee are highlighted here. I can only assume (having not had the pleasure of ever entering one) that football dressing rooms are much of a muchness I don’t picture well lit mirrors and Molton Brown on the vanity basin. And isn’t grass, grass where ever you go? – can’t imagine that Notts County train on the local wreck.
    As a new recruit, it is important that you assess any potential employer and, if you have any reasonable adjustments that are required, then you make them aware of these. How can your new employer know what you need unless you discuss this with them? If they won’t change the décor for you, then you have some choices to make.

    So whilst I think Sven does have some thinking to do – so does Sol! Maybe next time he will research any potential team more thoroughly rather than just look at the price tag and the publicity.


  2. EBTG: Great post and very valid comments! I do, though, suspect that Campbell's debut for Notts County at the mighty Morecambe might have opened his eyes to life in the lower echelons of the football league. Apparently they use good old carbolic soap rather than Molton Brown!

  3. Well there you go - had they used Imperial Leather, who knows what might have happened!!


  4. Interestingly enough, a large percentage of those employees who leave a business in the early stages go back to the organisation that they left to take up their new position. I'm not sure if any of Mr Campbell's former employers will be welcoming him with open arms.

    It also goes to show that there's truth in the old adage about never leaving an organisation without making sure that there's a route back for you!