Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Too much advertising?

An organisation close to the HR Case Studies Head Office (!) is currently recruiting a Head of Human Resources. The role has been advertised in not only a national broadsheet newspaper, but in both of the major UK journals for HR professionals (both in print and online) and also across a wide spectrum of online job boards. The selection process will include at least two interviews, a presentation, a test of HR knowledge, plus a variety of "meet the team" activities and opportunities.
  • Considering the current climate when the number of individuals applying for roles is often alarmingly high, is this organisation making work for itself in advertising the role too widely?
  • What are your views on the selection process?


  1. Yes. :-)
    But then I don't believe in making work for myself. From sonofmuff

  2. If you can't throw the full range of ineffectual recruitment techniques at a Head of HR role, when can you?

  3. On a more positive note I say thank goodness for convoluted recruitment processes. How else, as an outsider, can you get the true measure of the organisation you have applied to join? Rather than a selection tool for the employer, think of it more as a potential deselection tool for prospective employees. But don’t tell Recruitment Managers – they might wise up and the truth will be hidden until it’s too late!!

  4. Anonymous: Thanks for contributing to the debate! My suspicions are that many organisations fail to see that their application process filters out many excellent candidates who don't even bother to apply!