Monday, 31 August 2009

For Teachers Only!

Morning all! In case you're looking for some last minute ideas before the new term gets underway, and have only just stumbled across the HR Case Studies website, to avoid you drowning in the items on here, here are a few suggestions and ideas to get things moving in your Business Studies class.
  • Use one of the updates with multiple entries to follow the progress of a particular HR issue over the summer period. Royal Mail, British Airways and BT are all organisations that have featured heavily in the press and online media over the summer break.
  • Use the subject tags/labels (in the right-hand sidebar) to explore how particular HR activities, strategies and objectives have been dealt with in different UK companies.
  • Use the Useful Website links to see what HR items are currently in the news, and how they are reported by the various media channels.
  • Give your students a particular organisation that has had HR challenges to face up to to research and feedback to the class.
  • Get the students to look at the number of times that a particular HR area (e.g. Competitive Organisational Structures, Developing and Effective Workforce, Effective Employer/Employee Relations) has featured on the HR Case Studies website over the summer break, and question why the areas that are at the top of the entry league table have occurred so regularly

As ever, please give feedback on any particular issues that you would like to see included on the HR Case Studies website!

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