Friday, 14 August 2009

If it's Friday, this must be ...

Rising unemployment, companies asking their staff to work shorter hours, banks being taken back into state ownership, concern over the level of directors' pay, support for left-of-centre political parties dropping to a record low: sounds a lot like the UK, but all the items in this list are actually from this week's news in Germany (where the managers and staff of HR Case Studies have just enjoyed a well-earned break in the land of bratwurst and lederhosen)

And just as in the UK, how HR can help companies survive the recession, the increasing role of women in the workplace, and getting the most out of existing employees are key themes to be discussed at Zukunft Personal, the European HR Exhibition and Convention that is to be held in Cologne next month.
  • What are the obstacles to implementing in one country HR initiatives that have been developed in another?
  • How much is language a barrier that prevents our understanding of HR best practice in another country?
  • Although we often speak of the UK and the USA being two countries divided by a common language, is it inevitable that there will generally be more understanding and therefore exchange across the Atlantic Ocean than across the English Channel?

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