Thursday, 27 August 2009

Christmas cheer as Sainsbury's recruit 20,000?

UK supermarket Sainsbury's has announced that it is intending to recruit up to 20,000 temporary staff to cover the Christmas period, of whom 1,000 will probably be retained in permanent positions. This is the largest number of seasonal staff that the store has ever recruited, and is in addition to a further 2,300 posts that are to be created in Scotland and the North of England by the middle of 2010. With 23 million customers passing through their 817 stores in the few days before Santa gets his reindeers on the move, it's obvious that Sainsbury's needs to carefully manage the resourcing challenge created by this seasonal surge of customers.
  • How soon do you believe that Sainsbury's will need to commence their recruitment campaign?
  • What selection methods would you expect to see in their recruitment campaign?
  • Sainsbury's will inevitably have to handle tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of applications for these positions, not all of whom will make it to the interview stage. What methods of sifting and shortlisting would you expect them to use?
  • Other supermarkets are in very similar positions, so if you were in charge of the Sainsbury's recruitment campaign, how would you aim to attract the best candidates?
  • What measures may Sainsbury's be considering to identify the 1,000 employees who are retained in permanent positions?
  • Are there particular challenges that the supermarket will have to face in motivating and managing the performance of the majority of employees who know that they will only be with the company for a few weeks?
  • Update! Asda creates 10,000 seasonal jobs Now that ASDA have jumped on the recruiting bandwagon (or should that be sleigh?) what challenges will the major UK supermarkets face now that at least three (Sainsbury, Asda and Morrisons) are all competing for seasonal recruits?

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