Thursday, 30 July 2009

New jobs for 47,000 young people?

Approximately £1bn of funding from the UK Government's Future Jobs Fund appears to have been targetted at young people, according to a report on this week's People Management website. Although the new jobs may also benefit the long-term unemployed, the majority of jobs which are in sport and education, as well as in the newly-emerging green and social care sectors are clearly more applicable to the nation's young people. Work and Pensions Secretary Yvette Cooper has also called on employers "to give every young person a job, training place, skills or work experience.”
  • What are the benefits to the UK as a whole in providing funding for the creation of jobs targetted primarily at young people?
  • Give examples of the sort of organisations who are likely to apply for this funding and create new roles
  • Is it reasonable for the government to give special consideration to young people (as opposed to the long-term unemployed?)
  • How much is it the responsibility of a government to attempt to create new jobs during a time of recession?


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