Wednesday, 22 July 2009

How would you recruit 17,500 staff in less than a week?

If the figures are to be believed, the NHS may have to recruit up to 17,500 staff in less than a week to man the swine flu hotline
  • If you were in charge of recruitment for the NHS, what would be the challenges that this task will inevitably create?
  • What skills would you be looking for in those you were seeking to recruit?
  • What methods of recruitment would you consider?
  • What type of contracts would you be offering employees recruited?
  • What payment systems might you consider? (Think about basic salary, incentive schemes, retention bonuses)
  • You might be tempted to outsource or offshore this hotline service. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this approach?


  1. I would round up 17,500 people who have swine flu, and put them in a call centre on 24 hours shifts. They are pre-trained and it would get the blighters off the streets. Simple.

  2. Anonymous (22 July 21:14)What a superbly devious answer. Hopefully you're considering a role as a future Health Minister!