Thursday, 30 July 2009

Dartford to benefit from government's Future Job Funding


The earlier posting today mentioned how the UK government was hoping to create up to 47,000 new jobs with a cash injection of £1bn. This report on the BBC website gives details of how £10m is being invested in Kent to create 1,800 jobs for young unemployed people.
  • What sort of industries are based in the Dartford area?
  • Why might the government be targeting Dartford for such job creation?
  • What do you believe is the likelihood that the jobs created from the Future Job Funding will last beyond the initial six month period?
  • One of the young people quoted on the BBC website mentions that most of his recent jobs have been of short term duration. What sort of jobs might these have been?
  • What are the practical challenges (and frustrations) of having a series of short-term roles?

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