Friday, 22 January 2010

What happens when your employees are not engaged: They lick your chicken.

An unlicked chicken

Here’s a challenge for those of you involved in Employee Engagement: could you have succeeded with this guy who used to work in my local Asda store?

Film of supermarket worker Adeel Ayub who worked in the Asda store in Fulwood, Preston was posted on YouTube by one of his “friends” and accomplices.

The oh-so-hilarious prankster is shown letting off fire extinguishers, throwing eggs in a store room, ripping seats in the employee rest area, cutting his colleagues’ clothes, playing football in the aisles of the store, and urinating in a rubbish bin. His ever-so-funny encore for the appreciative audience is licking a raw chicken before putting it back on the shelf.

This week, he is starting a two-month jail term after he was sentenced at Preston Magistrates Court. For some unfathomable reason he was shocked at the sentence, and his solicitor does not believe that “the sentence is proportionate to the crime”

Lancashire Evening Post: Asda saboteur who denied licking raw chicken is jailed. (Warning! Contains link to video footage which some might find offensive)

  • What might Asda wish to do to minimise the negative impact of this former employee's actions on current staff?


  1. Looks to me like he got what he deserved! Although i can understand why his solicitor says what he says when there are 1000's of low lifes out there committing terrible anti social crimes that are far worse and who get let off with a caution.

    His jail term was spot on in my opinion. He's an idiot and a loser. Its the punishments that we give out to the rest that are disproportionate. i.e. way too lenient!

  2. I can only think that staff would be quite delighted that their chicken lickin’ colleague was now no longer employed!! However I am sure that Asda will have to do some serious PR to keep customers walking down the poultry aisle.

    As for the sentence I would love to have been on the bench that day. I think putting the health of the general public at risk on top of criminal damage deserves an imposed period of reflection. Shame there wasn’t a dose of salmonella poisoning to boot!


  3. Gareth/EBTG:

    Thanks for the comments. It was interesting to see how this story developed in this area. Once the video was out, there was very much a public outcry with people baying for the guy's blood, if not his giblets!