Sunday, 31 January 2010

Performance Management Case Study

Here's a post that is mainly for those Business Studies and HR teachers who read HR Case Studies.

The attached case study describes a common situation where a newly appointed manager needs to be set performance management objectives by his line manager.

As is frequently the case, there are probably too many items to go into the suite of objectives for the year, so the manager will have to exercise some discretion over what goes in and what stays out.

Also there are probably a couple of items that just need to get sorted out rather than captured in a formal appraisal paperwork. Or is this not the right approach?

Surely not all of the objectives can have timescales attached? Or can they?

And let's face it: the idea that each of these issues can be written up as SMART objectives is daft. Or is it?

And is ten items too many to be included in a performance management review?

Good luck!

Performance Management Case Study


  1. Let’s face it – in most organisations once the objectives have been painfully crafted and given a vaguely SMART feel they are then printed off and put in a plastic wallet where they will languish until the mid year or even end of year review. They will then be disguarded as the year didn’t quite pan out as planned so you will talk to your manager about the things that you did actually manage to achieve and amend the objectives retrospectively so the paperwork is in order.

    Think a bumper sticker is in order – Objectives are not just for Christmas!


  2. EBTG:

    As ever, thanks for the comment, and yes, I sadly agree with the comments made.

    Part of the purpose behind the case study is to demonstrate that where performance management is concerned, it's all to easy to concentrate on the theory and ignore the practical side to things!

    I'm assuming that the regional manager will have more than just the one appraisal to undertake and therefore his time will be limited.

    Also, I guess that we have all experienced the situation where there's something that needs addressing at work, but it's not quite that easy to capture it in precise words with performance metrics and timescales against it!

  3. Hi there

    I'm having problems accessing the case study link - could you post the direct URL please?

    Many thanks :)


  4. Anonymous:

    Here's the link. Let me know if it works

  5. An Aspirin to HR's headache and the vitamin for Operation's performance.

    Objectives for objectives sake. I hate that, always have. 2 comments here about putting written objectives in a drawer to fester, only to be taken out a year later and retro-fitted into something you actually did. It's the sad truth to most performance management processes.

    The performance management process should give something back to everyone involved. Why so many companies miss this point is beyond me. Why they dont combine the operational side of the business (what needs to be delivered) with the HR side (performance management) to create something that helps both has always bothered me. I think the reason is the tools that are used to set and measure objectives - paper/Word/Excel. They are too static and hidden to be able to survive the reality of operations - things change.

    Online performance management systems seem to be the answer to this, but many that I have looked at just replicate the paper process by not providing anything more than an online document repository. The tool needs to engage you, be a part of working life, gather performance metrics as consequence of doing the job, not as an additional pain.

    I felt so strongly about this, I created my own system, PerformanceHub and in a shameful plug, you can take a look at it here

    Comments welcome, I love a good discussion around this subject.


  6. Hi Graham,

    I hope you are well.

    I have stumbled upon your website when looking for case studies on performance management, however I am struggling to access the link on our network. Please could you e-mail the link / document to me.

    Many Thanks


    Louise Cotton (nee Hart)

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