Thursday, 21 January 2010

New role models for HR professionals: Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall

Shame on you People Management magazine!

In the current online edition of the CIPD's flagship publication, there's a report on (yet another!) workplace survey, this time one undertaken by that well known player on the field of Human Resources, Lloyds Pharmacy. According to the survey HR professionals are amongst the workers most likely to engage in an office romance.

But just cast your eyes over this:

Call centre staff polled the highest - at nearly 29 per cent - when asked to admit to a romantic indiscretion with a colleague. Finance employees ranked second at 28 per cent, while HR workers came in third place, with 26.5 per cent confessing to an office romance.
"Admit to a romantic indiscretion?" Hang on there People Management! Whatever happened to good old honest workplace romance? Why assume that any office based relationship must be indiscreet! I'm sure that many HR professionals will be well versed in untangling the complex web of extra-marital flings and illicit passion in the customer service department, but there must also be numerous instances of unattached boys and girls finding their life partner at work (even in the HR department while co-operating on the implementation of the new performance management system, or downsizing the sales team!)

Forget Dave Ulrich and Linda Gratton: Let's have Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall as the role models for HR professionals.

Here's looking at you, kid.

More than a quarter of HR professionals admit to workplace flings


  1. With you there Mr S! I could give you several examples of people who work in my HR department who have met their long term partner at work.

    As for the report it’s hardly surprising that call centre staff rate highest - just look at the demographic of a typical call centre operation. Not sure about Finance coming second although I guess the temptation to flirt over a spreadsheet must be quite high (anything to make it more interesting)!! And HR, well given the high numbers of females in the HR profession, put a good looking (or actually just breathing) male into the mix and he is going to be spoilt for choice!!!

    So look out Mr Systems Manager, the lippy’s going on and here I come!!


  2. EBTG:

    As ever, thanks for the comment.

    Like you, I'm really surprised that Finance feature in there at all!