Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Wookey Hole Witch position up for grabs after Halloween

A woman who beat 3,000 people to a £50,000 a year job as a resident witch is to be sacked after Halloween, it has recently emerged.

Former estate agent Carole Bohanan, 40, was appointed to the position at Wookey Hole Caves in July of this year. As part of the selection process candidates had to demonstrate their scaring skills to both the outgoing witch (who presumably must have decided to take her broomstick elsewhere) plus the cave manager.

The owner of the attraction (if that’s not a contradiction in terms!) has stated that "In a job like this you need a people person and I'm afraid Carole isn't." Carole may well be thinking of creating some evil spell to cast on her current employers. In the meantime, her only incantation is one of "I have given it my best effort. People were saying I was doing a good job."

Wookey Hole witch to be sacked after Halloween

  • Clearly Carole's short spell (groan!) in the job reveals that the selection process was ineffective. What could have been done to ensure that the appointed candidate possessed the necessary skills for the role?
  • Is three months in a role sufficient for a person to have demonstrated whether or not they are capable of doing the job?


  1. How much!!!! Forget that she’s been cast aside – how do you get to a salary of £50k for being scary?? I do that at home for free!

    Is three months sufficient to demonstrate if you can be a people person – then I think the answer is yes. Is three months enough time for you to find someone lacking and give them the change to improve their performance - quite possibly. Is three months long enough to be a good witch – no, that takes a life time (I should know)!


  2. EBTG:

    Apparently the £50K was a pro rata salary, so she was only required to do her scary bit at weekends and in the school holidays. Still sounds a lot of money to be paid to gently frighten people. Reckon that most of us could do that. I understand that she got a bonus if she sported warts and facial moles, and her evil looking moggy was also on the payroll.

    Not sure why she needed people skills though. Thought she'd probably need to eat the occasional naughty schoolchild, but don't see that as requiring a high level of interpersonal skills.

  3. After all that fuss choosing her? What's she really been doing....picking at the altar wine too much?