Thursday, 22 October 2009

An innovative way of addressing salary anomalies!

It's been a long week in the offices of HR Case Studies, so here's a little light relief.

This type of behaviour might be acceptable for American HR Managers, but I'm sure that us true blue Brits wouldn't indulge in such scurrilous activity.

Would we?


  1. Shocking!!

    I can’t imagine any UK organisation failing to deal with genuine grievances raised by their employees. Such is the perfection of our employment practises that I’ve heard many employment tribunals are closing their doors with tribunal panel members having to go back to their proper jobs. Forget those guys from insurance claim companies who want to know about the last time you tripped over the pavement – we will soon have employment solicitors, working on a no win no fee basis, pounding the streets asking ‘Excuse me missus, have your been aggrieved at work in the last four years?’

    Must go now – I hear a pig’s just flown past the window!!

    Wishing everyone in the HR Case Studies office a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.


  2. EBTG: Thanks very much for your (as ever) perceptive comments. I hereby award you a relative pay increase (by lowering the salaries of all those around you, of course!)

  3. You are too kind!

    How can I ever thank you?