Monday, 12 October 2009

What keeps American HR Managers awake at night: the thought of bare legs.

On this side of the Atlantic the recent focus of HR debate has been on the virtually metaphysical topic of whether HR departments actually serve any purpose. The breadth of opinion expressed - to say nothing of the amount of vitriol outpoured - has been almost as wide as the ocean that divides us from our American cousins.

This month's hot topic in the Land of the Brave and the Free is centred (or should that be "centered" ?) on an even more pressing and fundamental issue; that of whether it's acceptable for women in the workplace to display bare legs, or whether failure to wear "pantyhose" should be added to the list of dismissable offences. (By the way, if you don’t think that this a critical issue for President Obama’s HR Managers, just read the number of comments on the website below!!) Panty Hose Matter to Employers?

  • Just one question, dear readers: how much does our national culture drive the items that are on our HR Agenda?


  1. Hi Graham,

    So you want to submit your last post or this one to this month's HR Carnival. I just need confirmation of it if you do. But you'll need to let me know by end of tomorrow.

    Best, Jon.

  2. I followed that link and am rather surprised at the amount of attention that this subject has attracted. Here we all are, wondering when the recession is going to end and all some people are bothered about is whether or not women cover their legs. Was it the bareness or otherwise of womens' legs that caused the Credit Crunch? I think it's rather more likely that we were concentrating too much on this, and other trivialities, that we forgot the really important things in life and business and look where it got us.

  3. Ah well, you can't please everyone. At least someone enjoyed it:


  4. LPJ: I tend to share in your bewilderment, so thanks for your input!

    John: Thanks for including a couple of items on the HR Carnival blog. The Omega HR Solutions coverage is interesting!