Thursday, 19 May 2011

Welcome to !

Need a reactive HR service that gets you out of a hole?

Then welcome to!

We're here to rush in at the last minute and solve all those inconvenient and irritating little niggles caused by management oversight, forgetfulness and occasional incompetence.

Any of these sound familiar:
  • A member of your staff is about to retire, taking with him all his knowledge, leaving your business utterly devoid of a key capability.
  • A number of your employees are threatening to move to a competitor because you haven't kept your eye on salaries in your sector.
  • You got distressingly low trust in leadership scores on last year's employee opinion survey. They need to have improved for this year's survey. It's next month.
  • There's a potential Employment Tribunal case as a result of managers asking discriminatory questions at interview. It's probably a storm in a teacup. There's not a problem with asking women if they're planning a family is there? You've been doing it for ages.
  • You have an apparently consistently poor performing employee needs dismissing - TODAY! (despite having great appraisal ratings for the last five years)
  • You're tendering for a contract which requires the supplier to have Investors in People accreditation, and you don't have it. Sure, we can sort that out in a couple of weeks.
  • There's a nasty smell in the toilet, and the local MP is visiting this afternoon.
  • An administration assistant started this morning, and (despite it being the recruiting manager's responsibility) you forgot to sort out IT access for her. No problem. Done for lunchtime.
  • You need an advert for a Production Supervisor (£23k salary) in next week's Daily Telegraph. Must be in colour. You like the Telegraph. That's where you heard about your current job ten years ago. No, it shouldn't be expensive.
  • You've overspent by £5,000 on your travel budget, and need to make savings elsewhere. Sure, we can cancel next week's Management Development programme and the provider won't mind. Or charge a cancellation fee. No problem. We'll sort it. Like we always do. 
If you're experiencing any of the above problems, just give a call, and we'll drop whatever else we're doing, and rush in one of our highly trained staff to sort out your problem.

Just one word of warning: Due to its nature, the service offered by does come at a price (to you, the employee and the reputation of the business)

If cost is an issue, you may wish to explore one of our alternative services, which we believe is equally if not more effective. For further details, please visit

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