Friday, 9 July 2010

The internet, mobile phones and Tesco: all essential for life in the UK

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has recently published the results of research which indicates that a salary of £14,400 (about £277 per week) is the minimum a single person needs for an acceptable standard of living.

BBC Online: Could you live decently on £14,400 a year?

The report is largely an update on research undertaken in 2008, and is also based on what members of the public consider is needed for an acceptable minimum standard of living.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation: A minimum income standard for the UK in 2010

The following are regarded as essential for survival in the UK:
  • A computer and internet access for all non-pensioner households.
  • Landlines and mobiles paid for through contracts and bundled packages, linked to the internet. (If you’re a pensioner, it seems you can cope with pay as you go).
  • A budget to pay for public transport (including taxis) You don’t need a car.
  • An allowance for “social and cultural participation” e.g. engaging in exercise and entertainment outside the home.
  • A minimum of one week’s holiday per year (spent in the UK).
  • An allowance to mark Christmas or an equivalent festival by exchanging gifts and cards.
  • The ability to shop at Tesco rather than at Aldi, Lidl or Netto. 
Fussy bunch, aren’t we?

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