Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Parlez-vous HR Européenne?

Typique. Absolutement typique. La même vielle histoire. Angleterre avait 64% du play, mais Barry fait un give-away goal sur une assiette.



Quelquefois, je me demande pourquois je bother

But I wonder how much of England’s mauvais football performance could possibly be put down to the lack of clear dialogue between coach and players? After all it’s not just a literal understanding of the spoken word that is important in the communication process, as this example from an ancient edition of The Economist illustrates:

John says: I hear what you say
Jacques hears: He accepts my point of view
John actually means: I disagree and do not want to discuss it further

John says: With the greatest respect
Jacques hears: He is complimenting me
John actually means: I think you are wrong or foolish

John says: By the way
Jacques hears: This is not important
John actually means: The main aim of this discussion

John says: I’ll bear that in mind
Jacques hears: I will act on that
John actually means: I will do absolutely nothing about that

John says: Correct me if I’m wrong
Jacques hears: Correct him if he’s wrong
John actually means: I’m correct, please don’t contradict me

Jacques says: Je serai clair
John hears: I will be clear
Jacques actually means: I will be rude

Jacques says: Il faut la visibilité Européenne
John hears: We need European visibility
Jacques actually means: The EU must indulge in some pointless international grand-standing

Jacques says: Il faut trouver une solution pragmatique
John hears: We must find a pragmatic solution
Jacques actually means: I am about to propose a highly complex, theoretical, legalistic and unworkable way forward

OK, on Lundi le ref était diabolique, mais l’equipe sont tous un bunch de no-hopers!

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