Friday, 12 February 2010

Quick! Somebody get me a paramedic with sensible socks, shiny shoes and a tucked-in shirt (and clean religious headgear!)

I dare you not to laugh at this.

Avid followers of HR Case Studies will already be aware that senior management within North West Ambulance Service have decreed that socks with images of cartoon characters, or days of the week are "inappropriate" and "unprofessional", and therefore must not be work by front-line staff. Novelty sock lovers who work for the service could face disciplinary action if they continue to wear them on the job.

But the fashion police have now gone one stage further.

Staff must now also ensure their green shirt is tucked in at all times, footwear must be issued by the trust and be fully polished and religious headwear should be "clean and laundered."

BBC News: Ambulance crews face 'silly sock' discipline

Confession time: did you snigger when reading this?

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1 comment:

  1. It was not a laugh you heard but a moan. Not, I hasten to add, a moan of pleasure but one of dismay and despair.

    Whilst I don’t want an unclean, dishevelled paramedic attending to my needs I don’t give two hoots whether their shirt is out or in!! What are they going to do – have an inspector at the scene of a motorway pileup checking for shirts that may stray? Heaven forbid that a shirt tail escapes and shocks a lady into the swoon of all swoons.

    Be safe, be clean but don’t be ridiculous!!