Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Influential study of HR Managers establishes link between dandruff and outstanding performance

OK, not really!

But the HR world seems to be following the current fashion for reporting on surveys and studies covering just about every conceivable area.

To give you an idea of the spread of these pesky creatures, only one of the following items is NOT a study or survey that has been released over the last few days. Any idea which one?
  1. Fish oil pills prevent schizophrenia
  2. Boys from minority backgrounds are more likely to smoke when they feel they are being discriminated against
  3. Apologies go down better through the right ear
  4. There's a link between internet addiction and depression
  5. There's not a link between internet addiction and depression
  6. Physical exercice helps mice brains grow
  7. Shoe design may have changed the way we run
  8. Readers of HR Case Studies generally believe that they will keep their New Year's Resolutions
  9. Bees can recognise human faces
  10. 60% of workers inted to leave their current job when the recession ends
  11. Eating porridge for breakfast can reduce the risk of asthma
  12. Blonde women are more aggressive than brunettes
  13. Left-handedness is an increasing trend among UK HR Directors
  14. Female maths teachers can transmit anxiety about the subject to female students
  15. Americans can tell whether a person is a Democrat or a Republican just from their picture
  16. Spanish-speaking mothers are less likely to turn on the TV
  17. Straight-A students are a higher risk of developing bipolar disorder
  18. 70% of HR managers confess to having rejected candidates just because of their online profile
  19. UK job satisfaction has decreased despite the recession ending
  20. Cutting speed when driving increases your life expectancy

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