Friday, 9 October 2015

Describe what you do in just six words

Searching for the biographical details of a particular individual on LinkedIn last week I stumbled across another person with the identical name.

This person (not, I hasten to add, someone in my network!) had possibly the briefest yet most informative job summary you're likely to encounter on LinkedIn:

Stripper: I undress in exchange for money.

Without making any value judgements about this individual's chosen profession, you have to admire the succinctness of the description.

None of the "I am passionate about transforming individuals into empowering leaders" or, "I create alignment between people, processes and technology to harness profitability" or, "Steve asks the difficult, game-changing questions that other people are too scared to ask."
Just six words is all it takes (OK, seven including the job title) for us to know what this particular LinkedIn member does.
So, dear reader, here's your challenge for today:
Can you describe your job in just six short words? 


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  6. I appreciate how you "talked it out" rather than just posting a pretty see-what-I-did picture! What's a sailor pen, though?
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  8. "I write for a living" - this is the easiest I could think of!

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