Thursday, 3 January 2013

An HR Case Studies Manifesto for 2013

After a few months of sitting in the wings of the HR blogosphere, and throwing in the occasional heckle-grenade (like Waldorf and Statler of The Muppets), the entire editorial team of HR Case Studies has decided to transform itself into a force of unstoppable social medial positivity in 2013, and has therefore drawn up this New Year Resolution Manifesto, and is pleased to release it to you, dear and adoring public.
  • We will not leave the house each day until we have all read every one of the "Must Read" articles brought to our attention in our social media feeds. And that included all 10 of those in The Economist. Every Day. Honestly.
  • We will no longer cast ridicule on those on Twitter whose entire output consists of mindless, inane, pseudo-psychological motivational and inspirational utterances. (But who exactly was Zig Ziglar? And did he actually say anything that was non-inspirational?)
  • We will genuinely believe that a tweet sent at 03.30 a.m. linking to an article on Presentation Skills/Outsourcing Best Practice/The War for Talent in Kazakhstan was posted at that particular time, and not by someone with an autotweet addiction.
  • We will no longer regard a person who describes themselves as being "Passionate about HR Systems" as being a bit of a basket case. (Editor's note: Passion is fine, HR Systems are fine. But not together. That's kinky)
  • We will cease regarding it as plain bonkers that on LinkedIn there are 22074 Keynote Speakers, 23959 Thought Leaders, 44757 Evangelists (of whom only 4024 are in Religious Insititutions), 152752 Gurus.
  • Connected to the item above, but deserving a resolution all of its own: we will no longer roll on the floor laughing that on LinkedIn 14,406 people describe themselves as a Ninja. (The number has increased by 42 since yesterday)
  • We will stop regarding it as a source of mirth and merriment that the "People Also Viewed" sidebar to certain members of LinkedIn appears to consist entirely of females auditioning for the next Wonderbra catalogue.
  • We will no longer dread the arrival (or dare we say advent?) of December with it's glut of "The Best of the Blogs" and "Predictions for Next Year".
  • We will try to stop crying when the editorial team of HR Case Studies doesn't feature in the plethora of "Ten Most Influential" Tweeters or Bloggers. Even when the list includes the person who compiled the list.
  • Above all, we will no longer be sarcastic.
Happy New Year!

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  1. Wow - 2013 has seen you turn in 'Super Sarcastic Man' ! Brilliant!

    Sadly, a quick trawl through Twitter and LinkedIn updates yesterday, tells me your extreme sarcasm will be needed for good while yet!