Tuesday, 17 August 2010

(Don't) keep off the grass!

Who comes up with some of these ideas?

Seems that in a moment of total inspiration, Hotel Chain Crowne Plaza has decided that the best way to foster creativity is to lay turf in some of its conference rooms!

Allegedly (and one does have to question where such apparently precise figures come from) 98% of our creativity has gone by age 25, so we all need a little help to reignite the flames of innovation. "Why grass?" I hear you ask. It seems that grass was chosen "because it reminds guests of their childhood and therefore frees them of societal barriers that restrict creativity" The experts at Crowne Plaza seem to know a thing or two about ensuring that meeting attendees are kept engaged too: they claim that 40% of meeting attendees start to lose their concentration after 20 minutes. Presumably the promise of being able to frolic in the verdant pastures at coffee break will keep delegates minds in gear.

The editorial team at HR Case Studies are wondering if Crowne Plaza will need to recruit someone to mow the grass, or whether they will subcontract this activity to a flock of sheep or herd of cows? That would be one way of ensuring fresh meat in the restaurant!

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