Thursday, 29 April 2010

Time for change at 10 Downing Street

Presumably in response to Gordon Brown’s misguided moment in calling a pensioner who raised the issue of immigration "bigoted,” recruitment consultancy Badenoch & Clark have launched a campaign inviting the UK public to vote for whether Gordon Brown should become an author, university lecturer or perhaps launch an anger-management consultancy if he fails to win the next election.

But it’s not just gaffe-prone Gordon that’s in the spotlight: voters will also be able to suggest what David Cameron and Nick Clegg should do after the election, as well as Alistair Darling, George Osborne and Vincent Cable.

So far, suggestions for Cameron have included becoming the editor of The Daily Mail or going back to his public relations roots and setting up Cameron Communications. Nick Clegg has also been tipped to become a children’s TV presenter or a work for a leading charity, such as the RSPCA.

Heralding the launch of the campaign, Andy Powell, Director at Badenoch & Clark, said: “With post-recession career prospects at the forefront of many people’s minds at the moment, we wanted to give the UK public a chance to vote for the future careers of public figures who may be considering alternative employment following the general election.”

The Public Speaks: UK public invited to vote for PM’s next job

But how about turning the tables on this one? Rather than voting on what we’d like Brown, Cameron and/or Clegg to be doing after the election, why not start with a blank sheet of paper and consider who out of all the leaders of industry, sport, media and the arts in the UK we’d like to see being given the key to 10 Downing Street? Richard Branson? Alex Ferguson? Bono?

All suggestions welcome!


  1. Think it needs an individual:
    - with a modicum of intelligence
    - is cultured and articulate
    - who is interested in affairs – domestic and international
    - is not phased by the myriad of statistics and surveys that will be posted through the door
    - has a sense of style and humour
    - and someone for whom the north is not a foreign country
    Fancy a move down south Mr Salisbury? You’d get my vote!


  2. I'd vote for you too!
    I know you'd look after those poor paramedics who could then go and buy as many cartoon socks as they wanted!


  3. As a follower of your blog for several months now I imagine your manifesto would include the following:
    • Novelty socks as standard issue for NHS staff
    • Code of conduct for Recruitment Agencies entitled ‘Transparency in all we do – the position is clear’
    • Scrapping all HR initiatives that have no merit what so ever
    • A return to a pragmatic approach to life
    • Free guitar lessons for all
    Following your election I’d be happy to be in your cabinet. Lou, I’ll toss you for the house next door!!!


  4. I'd be happy to be in your cabinet too!
    EBTG - you're very welcome to the house next door as I don't think my numerical prowess is quite up to Chancellor status!
    However, living in Kent I would quite easily travel into London (all expenses open to inspection of course)
    By the way the free guitar lessons sound a fab idea!!


  5. So Mr Salisbury, you up for leading us?


  6. As the election approaches, I guess it's time for the editorial team of HR Case Studies to put its cards on the table, so I can confirm that my last minute manifesto will include:

    Permission for all staff in the newly-formed cabinet to wear novelty socks. Suspenders and stockings will also be allowed, although only for the women. One can take sex equality too far.

    A guarantee of at least one day per month where there will be no "influential surveys" which "prove beyond reasonable doubt" something obscure.

    A committment to a jargon-free HR world, and a pledge to rid the world of Ulrich-influenced nonsense. I could even be persuaded to bring back Welfare Departments.

    I intend to ask Captain Pugwash to join the cabinet on an advisory basis. I remain unconvinced of whether the other members of his crew are actually required in the lolloping new cabinet, but I am prepared to offer them roles as consultants in the innuendo department. If they request a formal position, I will give them one.

    Each cabinet meeting will begin with a collective sing-song. Cabinet members will be invited to bring along a song of personal significance and perform it to the rest of the group. The purchase of Martin Acoustic guitars and Mesa Boogie amplifiers has already been authorised from the Defence Budget.

    Vote for Change. Vote for the HR Case Studies Party. The Only Real Alternative.

  7. You get my vote.

    Already bought some new stockings - just in case I’m lucky enough to get a position on the front benches.